Wild Sour Series Flanders Red Ale

Flanders Red Ale DESTIHL Brewery


Wild Sour Series Flanders Red Ale is a Belgian-style Flanders Red Ale by DESTIHL Brewery

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Wild Sour Series Flanders Red Ale is a Belgian-style Flanders Red Ale brewed by DESTIHL Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a tulip glass from a can.


Pours a crystal-clear ruddy amber topped by a thin head of cream-colored froth that bubbles away almost instantaneously. The reduction leaves behind minimal residue.


The aroma is a pleasant blend of tart cherry and sweet malt.


The palate follows the nose and opens with a taste of sour cherries before transitioning to a sweet balance of malty caramel. The finish is dry and sour.


Mouthfeel is very dry as is typical for the style. It has a medium body with ample effervescence that’s a bit high for the style.


The Wild Sour Series Flanders Red Ale is a bit too sour for the style and lacks the complexity found in better representatives. Its appearance and feel are slightly off but doesn’t impact the enjoyment of the brew. That aside, this is still a nicely tart and refreshing brew.

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About the Flanders Red Ale

The Flanders Red Ale originated in West Flanders, notably produced by the Rodenbach brewery in 1820. The beer is aged for two years in oak barrels containing the bacteria needed to sour. Its color ranges from burgundy to a reddish brown with good clarity. Fruity palate and aroma consist of plum, orange, black cherry, and red currant. Light sweetness of chocolate and/or vanilla is sometimes present. Low to none hop bitterness. Its sourness ranges from mild to intense. Medium body feels light and crisp with low to moderate carbonation. Low to moderate astringency. Comparatively, the style is less malty than an Oud Bruin with a greater presence of tart fruit.