Unfiltered Wheat

American Wheat Ale Boulevard Brewing Co.


Unfiltered Wheat, an American Pale Wheat Ale by Boulevard Brewing Co.

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Unfiltered Wheat is an American Wheat Ale brewed by Boulevard Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a wheat beer glass from a bottle.


Pours a hazy gold with a thin head of bubbly white froth that dissipates almost immediately. Unfiltered, chunky sediment is visibly afloat in the glass.


The aroma is sweet with a scent of grain and banana.


Wheat is the expectant star for this brew lending sweet banana to its aroma and palate. Taste is balanced with a mildly-hopped lemon.


Mouthfeel is light, somewhat grainy with ample carbonation. Finishes dryly.


The Unfiltered Wheat is a straightforward wheat ale that represents its style well. Easy to tip back and enjoy.

Recommended Pairings

Boulevard recommends the following food pairings with their Unfiltered Wheat: bread, pizza, Manchego cheese, mozzarella cheese, salads, sushi, and seafood.

A Short Video

Here’s a short video about the Unfiltered Wheat from Boulevard brewmaster, Steve Pauwels:

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About the American Wheat Ale

The American Wheat Ale is similar to the German Hefeweizen but it has more hops and less yeast. Its color ranges straw to gold with varying clarity. Although the style typically uses less wheat than the Hefeweizen, its clean fermentation allows for a variety of wheat flavors with a complement of hops. Its feel hovers around medium or a little below with ample carbonation. The American Wheat Ale is similar to the American Blonde Ale, but utilizes Wheat instead of the typical Two-row Pale.