Undefeated Saison

Saison Funky Buddha Brewery


Undefeated Saison, a Belgian-style Saison by Funky Buddha Brewery

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Undefeated Saison is a Belgian-style Saison brewed by Funky Buddha Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a tulip glass from a bottle.


Pours a crystal-clear copper and topped by a thick off-white cap of foam that shows modest retention. A soapy collar is left behind following the reduction but no lace or residue.


The aroma is light with a scent that’s predominantly vinous with just a bit of barnyard hay and wet grass.


Its palate begins with a flavor of cracker malt and grape that transitions to a spicy taste of pepper and coriander, backed by floral hops. Finishes dryly with a sweet taste of grape and a warming sensation of alcohol. There’s an earthy and mineral flavor to the background. And occasionally an odd taste of peanut butter.


The dry, fizzy feel is appropriate for a saison with its medium body and ample carbonation.


The use of champagne yeast and grape musts give the saison a sweet, vinous quality not found in other representations of the style. Their usage makes sense when considering the overall concept, but the result is a palate that’s just a bit too sweet.

While still enjoyable, if you’ve been craving a saison, this one may not meet your expectations. Instead, save this bottle for your wine-loving friends.

Recommended Pairings

The brewery recommends the following food pairings with this saison: oysters, spaghetti carbonara, triple cream cheese, grilled shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, quiche, fruit tarts, shortbread, and of course, victory.

Honoring History

This saison was crafted to honor the legendary Miami Dolphins team who completed the first and only Undefeated Season back in 1972. Its use of champagne yeast is no coincidence.
Through the years that follow, the former players celebrate every season with a champagne toast after every NFL team has a lost a game.

Even its ABV has been pegged at 7.2%, a nod to those 1972 Dolphins. And since the ABV is high for the style, it’s considered “super-strength”, another nod to the Fins Super Bowl winning season.

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About the Saison

Also known as a Farmhouse Ale, the Belgian Saison originated as a rustic ale provided for farmhands in French-speaking Wallonia. The modern Saison by Dupont was produced in the 1920s. Its mouthfeel is dry and ranges from light to medium with high carbonation. Typically golden in color, the style can also appear amber or brown. Its palate is either bittered or soured with citrus fruit flavors, earthy or spicy hops, and possibly spiced. Darker versions may be a little sweeter. Regardless of the variation, the Saison yeast character is an absolute must.