Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise

Belgian Pale Ale De Brabandere


Trader Joe's Sour Framboise, a Belgian Pale Ale by De Brabandere

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Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise is a Belgian Pale Ale brewed by De Brabandere (under the brand Petrus), and for the purposes of this was craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.


Pours a clear, cherry red with a thick cap of frothy, carnation-pink foam that shows decent retention. A lattice of sticky lace clings to the glass.


Aroma features a scent of tart raspberry puree, and as the ale was aged in oak barrels, brings a touch of wood to the nose.


As expected from its name as a framboise, raspberry is the hero of the palate; its tart taste is blended with other fruits such as cherry, grape, and plum. Oak barrels add a nice, earthy wood complexity. Sweet malt brings balances in the background. A relatively high ABV of 7.3% is masked well.


A slick mouthfeel has a medium body and active carbonation. Feels lively on the tongue. A somewhat syrupy finish coats the back of the throat.


This brew is a pale that meets framboise with a flavor akin to a fruit lambic. Regardless, the Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise masterfully blends sour and sweet flavors for a tasty drinking experience. Brewed on behalf of Trader Joe’s, it’s a worthwhile pickup next time you’re grocery shopping. And as it’s so easy to drink—blink, that bomber will be emptied before you know it.

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About the Belgian Pale Ale

The Belgian Pale Ale style is also known as the Belgian Blond Ale and its a relatively new style when compared to the history of Belgian brewing. The style was introduced as an alternative to consumers seeking lighter European Pilsner-style beers. Its color is pale to deep gold with good clarity. Its feel is effervescent with medium-high to high carbonation and a medium body that might be slightly creamy. Its alcohol strength is moderate and can lend a slight warmth to the feel. Should have a mildly dry finish. The aroma can consist of grainy sweet malt, a subtle yeast character, and light hops that can be earthy or spicy. The palate follows the nose and can add spicy phenols and a sugar or honey sweetness.