Tocobaga Red Ale

American Red Ale Cigar City Brewing


Tocobaga Red Ale, an American Red Ale by Cigar City Brewing

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Tocobaga Red Ale is an American Red Ale brewed by Cigar City Brewing, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a tulip pint glass from a can.


The ale pours a clear amber and is topped by a thick stack of rocky cream-colored foam that shows good retention. The reduction abundantly leaves patches of sticky lace and a thick soapy collar.


The aroma is brightly hoppy with a scent of pine needles.


The palate begins with a taste of melon followed by toasty bread. A nice bite of piney and citrusy hops rise in the middle and is mellowed with caramel in the finish. Biscuit ties the palate together.


The feel is relatively smooth throughout and has a medium body with moderate carbonation. Its finish is somewhat dry and prickly.


The Tocobaga Red Ale is wonderfully executed. Its appearance is amazing. Its aroma is quite pleasant. And its feel is on point. But the real pleaser is its palate. Not only does it taste great, it does make that distinction from that of an Amber. In short, it’s balanced but leans hoppy. This is a brew worth trying.

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About the American Red Ale

The American Red Ale is similar to the American Pale Ale and American IPA styles but has a more pronounced malt backbone (caramel malt, typically) and it more bitterness than the similar American Amber Ale. The ale is amber in color with moderate alcohol strength. The style typically has a medium body or a bit over with matching carbonation.