Stone Xocoveza

American Imperial Stout Stone Brewing


Stone Xocoveza, an American Imperial Stout by Stone Brewing

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Stone Xocoveza is an American Imperial Stout brewed by Stone Brewing, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.


The stout pours jet black and is topped by a finger-thick cap dense brown foam that shows fair retention.


The aroma is strong with a scent of sweet cocoa and vanilla. There’s a little spice mixed in as well with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.


The palate begins with sweet cocoa, spiced lightly with cinnamon. The middle is held down by a mild coffee roast, lightly spiced with nutmeg, and sweetened with vanilla. The finish is peppery from pasilla peppers. A touch earthy as well.


Its feel is smooth and creamy with a full body and low carbonation. Finishes dryly and a touch warm from the spicy peppers and booze.


Stone Xocoveza is decadent in its sweetness but balanced wonderfully with coffee, spices, and that delightful kick of pasilla peppers. Combined with a rich and luxurious feel, this Imperial Stout is a real pleasure to drink.

Recommended Pairings

Stone Brewing recommends the following food pairings with their Xocoveza Imperial Stout: appetizers of bacon-wrapped figs, roasted pecans sprinkled with cinnamon, jalapeño poppers, candied salmon, and coconut shrimp; soups of French onion soup, beef stew, pork chili, butternut squash, and clam chowder; mains of chicken mole, coffee-dusted fillet, vegetarian green curry, stuffed poblano chiles, mushroom stroganoff, and lamb chops; Camembert cheese; sweets of cinnamon rolls, pecan pie, chocolate lave cake, tiramisu, and vanilla ice cream float.

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Stone brewmaster Mitch Steele talks about the characteristics of the Xocoveza.

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About the American Imperial Stout

Rich, dark, and complex, the American Imperial Stout has a strength similar to that of an American Barleywine. Its bitterness typically runs high from hops, roast, or booze, and it should have a silky, luscious feel. The style originated in the Russian Imperial Court, became popular in England, and then all but disappeared. The modern craft brewing renaissance resurrected the style in America and in England.