Space Bunnies

American Double IPA Civil Society Brewing Co.


Space Bunnies, an American Double IPA by Civil Society Brewing Co.

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Space Bunnies is an American Double IPA (in the New England style) brewed by Civil Society Brewing Co. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from can.


Typical for a New England style brew, this DIPA pours entirely opaque; a hazy yellow ochre capped by a towering head of soapy white foam that shows great retention. Chunks of lace cling to the glass as the head reduces but disappear entirely during consumption.


A pleasant aroma offers scents bright pine and sweet tropical fruit.


A quintet of hops drives the palate with flavors that range from piney and herbal to citrus. But a malt backbone nicely balances that bitterness with a flavor of crusty bread. Fruity esters sweeten the taste at the midpoint with tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. Finishes dryly with a lingering bite of grapefruit. A relatively high ABV is masked well.


Mouthfeel has a medium body and moderate carbonation.


Yes, the appearance, aroma, and feel are nice but it’s the palate that’s really superb. All combine to make Space Bunnies an excellent representation of a New England style beer. Civil Society has crafted another winner.

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About the American Double IPA

Also known as an Imperial IPA, the American Double IPA is a stronger and higher hopped version of the American IPA. The style originated in the 1990s when craft breweries wanted to provide a more intense offering to hopheads. The DIPA has more hop bitterness than Strong Ales and Barleywines but has less alcohol.