Solid Gold

Premium Lager Founders Brewing Co.


Solid Gold, a Premium Lager by Founders Brewing Co.

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Solid Gold is a Premium Lager brewed by Founders Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a tulip pint glass from a can.


The lager pours a mostly-clear golden hue and is topped by nearly an inch-thick cap of loose, bubbly white froth that dissipates rapidly. The head doesn’t leave behind any lace or residue. A few bubbles stream in the glass.


Its aroma consists of corn and a hint of grassy hops.


A neutral opening of bread and corn gently rises to a mild bite of hops that’s grassy, floral, and minerally. Its bitterness is quickly mellowed by a dollop of honey and corn.


The feel is crisp with a light grain. Its body is light with moderate carbonation.


Solid Gold satisfies but doesn’t necessarily delight. It’s light, refreshing, easily quaffed, and its low ABV makes for a nice session brew. Its palate is simple but that little pop of hops in the finish is pleasing. Also, that Solid Gold is light and balanced makes it a good beer to have in the fridge for the non-craft beer drinkers. This Lager may not become anyone’s go-to beer but it’s about as good as one can expect from the style.

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About the Premium Lager

Unlike lighter lagers, whose focus is entirely mass production instead of flavor, the Premium Lager is brewed without cereal grains like rice and corn. Its color ranges from golden to bronze and should have great clarity. Its alcohol strength straddles sessionable and moderate. Its palate is relatively neutral but its mild bitterness is a bit stronger than the adjunct lagers. Often crisp and dry with a medium-light body. Comparatively, the Premium Lager is darker than a Pale Lager and a European Pilsener but has less carbonation. It’s also less bitter than a Pils.