Shoals Pale Ale

English Pale Ale Smuttynose Brewing Company


Shoals Pale Ale, an English-style Pale Ale by Smuttynose Brewing Company

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Shoals Pale Ale is an English-style Pale Ale brewed by Smuttynose Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a tulip pint glass from a bottle.


The ale pours a slightly cloudy reddish amber and topped by an inch-thick cap of dense cream-colored foam that shows excellent retention. A few droplets of residue cling to the glass during reduction.


The aroma is quite pleasant with a scent of earth and grass that’s been sweetened slightly with brown sugar.


Palate starts with a taste of citrus and apple that crests towards a bite of herbal hops. The taste then mellows with earthy notes of black tea and tobacco before. Toast and biscuit malt with a nutty caramel sweetness round out the finish.


Its feel is relatively smooth with a medium body and moderate carbonation. Finishes dryly.


The Shoals Pale Ale’s balanced palate tastes every bit as wonderful as it is complex. And it’s just so easy to tilt back. Blink, it’s gone, and you’re scrambling to find another.

The reason a brew such as this has been around for two-plus decades is that its execution is flawless. Smuttynose has crafted a masterpiece. And the great beers of the world just never get old.

A Smuttynose First

The Shoals Pale Ale was the first beer brewed by Smuttynose. In fact, its very first pint was poured by Mayor Eileen Foley of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at the Stockpot Restaurant on July 16, 1994.

Recommended Pairings

The brewery recommends the following food pairings with this pale: Thai cuisine, hamburgers, fish and chips.

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About the English Pale Ale

The English Pale Ale would simply be known as a Bitter in England and the name of the style actually originates in North America. Therefore most of the beers of this style are actually brewed outside the British Isles. Its color ranges from gold to amber and exhibits good clarity and head retention. Its alcohol strength ranges from sessionable to moderate. Its ingredients are typically English in origin and offer a variety of aromas and flavors that can be hoppy, earthy, fruity, buttery, and malty. Comparatively, the English Pale Ale has more malt in the balance and less alcohol than the American Pale Ale.