Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Czech Pilsener Boston Beer Company


Samuel Adams Noble Pils, a Czech-style Pilsener brewed by the Boston Beer Company

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Samuel Adams Noble Pils is a Czech-style Pilsener brewed by the Boston Beer Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a pilsener glass from a bottle.


The Pils pours crystal-clear gold and is topped by a thick cap of dense white foam that shows good retention. Abundant patches of sticky lace clutch the sides during consumption. Streams of bubbles continuously rise in the glass.


The aroma wafts the nose with a hoppy bouquet that’s floral and spicy. As the beer warms, a scent of lightly baked bread asserts itself.


The palate begins with a taste of cracker malt that is quickly followed by a mild hoppiness that’s spicy and floral. A touch of honey is picked up on the swallow.


Its feel is soft and smooth with a crisp, dry finish. Its body is a shade under medium with moderate carbonation.


Its appearance could show better head retention but is otherwise excellent. The aroma isn’t particularly strong but it is persistent and pleasant. The palate is clean, well balanced with a nicely rounded bitterness. Its feel is spot on. The Samuel Adams Noble Pils is a thoroughly enjoyable, easy drinking Czech Pils.

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