Red Velvet (Nitro)

Oatmeal Stout Ballast Point Brewing Company


Red Velvet (Nitro), an English-style Oatmeal Stout by Ballast Point Brewing Company

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Red Velvet (Nitro) is an English-style Oatmeal Stout brewed by Ballast Point Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, was served in a mug from a bottle.


Beets give its appearance a watermelon-red hue with an oh-so-thin head of bright-pink bubbly froth that dissipates slowly. A smattering of foam coats the glass.


Chocolate lends to a sweet aroma; akin to a sugary cake.


The palate begins just as sweetly with chocolate and beets atop a base of malty oats that seemingly cake on the tongue. Taste profile is balanced with a mildly bitter finish of piney hops.


Mouthfeel is silky smooth with a medium body and low carbonation.


Overall, a nicely balanced brew, but one that might be better served if the recipe went all-in with its red-velvet cake theme. As is, this beer is just a novelty and not much more than an intriguing variant of an oatmeal stout.

Recommended Pairings

Ballast Point recommends the following food pairings with their Red Velvet Oatmeal Stout: Humboldt Fog (Fresh Goat Cheese), chipotle barbecue sauce on baby back ribs, and rhubarb pie with strawberry ice cream.

How to Pour the Red Velvet (Nitro)

Watch this video below from Ballast Point for pouring instructions:

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About the Oatmeal Stout

The Oatmeal Stout is very dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty ale with a complementary oatmeal flavor. The sweetness, balance, and oatmeal impression can vary considerably. Historically, the use of oatmeal in stouts originated in the 1800s, and were marketed as being “healty” beers. The Oatmeal Stout was popular in England between the two World Wars and the style was revived during the modern craft beer era.