American Wheat Ale Civil Society Brewing Co.


Pulp, an American Wheat Ale by Civil Society Brewing Co.

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Pulp is an American Wheat Ale brewed in the New England style by Civil Society Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this review, the ale was served in a wheat beer glass from a can.


The label art shows an abstract image of an orange and that’s exactly what this brew looks like. The wheat ale pours a hazy marigold with a thick, puffy off-white cap of foam that offers modest retention. Large chunks of lace cling to the glass as the head reduces. Effervescence is apparent from fine bubbles rising in the glass.


A mostly fruity aroma offers a pleasant scent of orange, mango, and a hint of grain.


Taste begins with tangy grapefruit and transitions to sweet tropical fruits. An elevated bite of citrus follows and finishes dryly a lingering taste of dank, piney hops. Creamy wheat malt ties the palate together.


The wheat fills out the mouthfeel nicely with a smooth, medium body and moderate carbonation.


Pulp isn’t your typical wheat ale. Instead, Civil Society has brewed an New England style ale and its use of hops are far more aggressive. That being said, its juicy and dank flavors are nothing short of fantastic and this is a brew that’s easily quaffed.

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About the American Wheat Ale

The American Wheat Ale is similar to the German Hefeweizen but it has more hops and less yeast. Its color ranges straw to gold with varying clarity. Although the style typically uses less wheat than the Hefeweizen, its clean fermentation allows for a variety of wheat flavors with a complement of hops. Its feel hovers around medium or a little below with ample carbonation. The American Wheat Ale is similar to the American Blonde Ale, but utilizes Wheat instead of the typical Two-row Pale.