Peter Rabbit

Tripel Barrel of Monks BrewingFort Lapin Brouwerij


Peter Rabbit, a Belgian Tripel collaboratively brewed by Barrel of Monks Brewing and Fort Lapin Brouwerij

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Peter Rabbit is a Belgian Tripel collaboratively brewed by Barrel of Monks Brewing and Fort Lapin Brouwerij. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.


The Tripel pours a cloudy golden hue and is topped by an inch-thick cap of puffy white foam that shows fine retention. Streams of fine bubbles continuously rise and collect at the bottom of the head. Only a little of that trademark Belgian lace is left behind.


The aroma is initially musty with yeast and grain. And then it softens to a spicy scent of clove and coriander that’s backed by a hint of fruitiness.


The palate begins with a mild dose of floral hops that recedes to mellow baked bread. Hibiscus, coriander, and pepper lead a mildly hoppy finish that sweetens with honey orange and an added fruitiness of apple and pear.


Its feel has a medium body with a smooth draw that becomes lively from its high carbonation. Its finish is mostly dry with a modest warming sensation. The sweetness on the backend lightly coats the mouth.


Peter Rabbit is absolutely terrific. While the Tripel doesn’t exhibit the clarity usually expected, it still looks lovely in the glass. The aroma is soft but pleasant. Feels lighter than it really is and that dry effervescence is easily crushed. A relatively high ABV is hidden quite well. But it’s that complex and flavorful palate that will win you over. With the help of the folks across the pond, Barrel of Monks has crafted an outstanding Tripel.

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About the Tripel

The Belgian Tripel originated at the Trappist monastery Westmalle. Its color ranges from deep gold to copper with good clarity and effervescence. Its feel should be around medium with high carbonation and high attenuation for a seemingly dry finish. Though high in alcohol, the booze should be masked well. Its palate and aroma are spicy, fruity, with a well-rounded malt character and moderate bitterness. Comparatively, the Tripel is darker and fuller than the Belgian Strong Pale Ale with more pronounced phenols than esters. And it’s not as strong or full as the Belgian Strong Dark Ale or Quadrupel.