Oberon Ale

American Wheat Ale Bell’s Brewery, Inc.


Oberon Ale, an American Wheat Ale by Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

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Oberon Ale is an American Wheat Ale brewed by Bell’s Brewery, Inc., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a wheat beer glass from a bottle.


The ale pours a somewhat hazy marigold hue and is topped by a giant cap of dense, mousse-like white foam that shows excellent retention. A few isolated patches of residue clutch the sides of the glass as the head slowly recedes. Bubbles stream upwards amidst a cloud of floating sediment.


The aroma is bright with a scent of clove, orange, and grain.


The palate begins with a taste of doughy wheat bread that’s spiced with clove, pepper, and bittered with just a hint of lemon. Sweet notes of tangy orange and honey round out the finish.


Its feel is soft and smooth, approaching creamy. Medium-light body feels fuller than it is. Light carbonation is hardly noticeable. Its finish has a light dryness.


The Oberon Ale presents nicely and has a delightful aroma. Its palate is terrific with its pop of orange on the backend. If anything is amiss, the ale could benefit from more carbonation. Otherwise, this wheat ale is so easy to tilt back and really refreshing. An ideal summer ale.

Watch the Video

Check out the video from Larry Bell, founder of Bell’s Brewery, as he discusses the history and fanatacism of the Oberon Ale.

Recommended Pairings

Bell’s recommends the following food pairings with their Oberon Ale: ham, duck, sushi, salads, fennel, basil, onions, pickles, tomato, mozzarella, young cheddar; fruits of berries, watermelon, peaches, oranges; orange flan for dessert.

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About the American Wheat Ale

The American Wheat Ale is similar to the German Hefeweizen but it has more hops and less yeast. Its color ranges straw to gold with varying clarity. Although the style typically uses less wheat than the Hefeweizen, its clean fermentation allows for a variety of wheat flavors with a complement of hops. Its feel hovers around medium or a little below with ample carbonation. The American Wheat Ale is similar to the American Blonde Ale, but utilizes Wheat instead of the typical Two-row Pale.