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Nuttercup, an American Porter by Brew Link Brewing Company

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Nuttercup is an American Porter brewed by Brew Link Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a nonic pint glass from a can.


The Porter pours an opaque mahogany brown that shows a hint of garnet at the bottom of the glass. It’s topped by a thick cap of dense, puffy tan-colored foam that shows modest retention. Gobs of sticky lace clutch the sides of the glass.


The aroma strongly wafts peanuts and sweet chocolate.


A taste of brown bread leads the palate. A mild nuttiness also appears and is finished by a bitter and roasted flavor that’s also a bit earthy. Sweet and mellow dark chocolate appears on the swallow.


Its feel is smooth with a medium body and carbonation that’s moderate. Finishes dryly with just a bit of astringency.


Anytime I read on a beer label that artificial flavors are used, I’m immediately suspicious. Do with that what you will but had I noticed that prior to purchase, I wouldn’t have bought the beer.

That being said, its appearance is fine and feel are in line with the expectations of the style. The aroma is pleasant, persists through the tasting, and suits Brew Link’s concept nicely. Thankfully, though, that concept isn’t overplayed in the palate as the nut and chocolate flavors merely play a complementary role. There’s an earthy character to the bitterness that adds some layered complexity but doesn’t harmonize quite as well with the rest of the palate.

All said, Nuttercup looks, smells, and tastes like a Porter you’d enjoy but perhaps not one you should purchase.

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About the American Porter

The American Porter is a malty dark brew whose palate is complex and flavorful dark malts and varying hops. Historically, it’s an aggressive variant of the English Porter and Pre-Prohibition American Porters. It’s more assertive than an American Brown Ale but not as strong or bitter as the American Stout.