Nun With A Chainsaw

American IPA Due South Brewing Co.


Nun With A Chainsaw, an American IPA by Due South Brewing Co.

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Nun With A Chainsaw is an American IPA brewed by Due South Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, was served in a tulip pint glass from a can.


Pours a somewhat cloudy golden orange with nearly an inch-thick cap of dense, cream-colored foam that offers modest retention. Patches of residue cling to the glass while a soapy ring gathers around the collar.


A pleasant aroma offers a bright scent of tropical fruit and piney hops.


Hops dominate the tasting at the start but a fruity backbone asserts itself as the beer warms. Palate beings with a touch of cracker malt and shifts quickly to tingly bite of peppery hops. Crescendos to a taste of bitter herbal and piney hops. Finishes dryly with a twist of lemon and lingering zing of pine. A semisweet undercurrent of juicy mango and black tea tie the palate together.


Crisp and lively feel with a medium body and ample carbonation.


Doesn’t look like a New England style brew, but Nun With A Chainsaw does its best to imitate one with its other attributes. Highly aromatic? Check. Tingly feel? Check. Dank greenery? Juicy backbone? Check. Check. There’s a lot to like about this brew and one that lives up to the good deeds of the nun for which it’s named.

About this Beer

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Sister Margaret Ann was doing her part to help the community in the wake of Hurricane Irma. A photo of the nun, in full habit, wielding a chainsaw went viral and served as the inspiration behind the beer.

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About the American IPA

The American IPA is the most popular craft beer style in the United States. And for good reason, too. When well crafted, its hoppy goodness delivers intense aromas and flavors that can be citrusy and fruity; floral and piney; earthy and herbal. The hops are complemented by a wide range of malts and other ingredients. It’s a popular playground for brewers to express their creativity and a veritable cornucopia for craft beer connoisseurs.