Mexican Standoff

American Porter Due South Brewing Co.


Mexican Standoff, an American Porter by Due South Brewing Co.

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Mexican Standoff is an American Porter brewed by Due South Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a can.


The Porter pours an opaque mahogany hue and is topped by an inch-thick cap of frothy tan-colored foam that shows modest retention. The reduction doesn’t leave behind any residue or lace.


The aroma is sweet with dark chocolate and backed by a hint of coffee.


The palate begins innocently enough with a neutral taste of bready malt and a hint of cocoa. And then comes the heat. The spicy chili peppers come on slowly mid-sip and then erupt for a fiery finish. Cinnamon follows and a sweet balance of chocolate and vanilla appear on the backend. A mild coffee roast is also present as the peppery burn lingers long after the finish.


Its feel is smooth with a medium body and matching carbonation. The finish is dry and hot from the chili peppers.


Its appearance is adequate, even if its head retention is a little short. The aroma isn’t particularly strong but it is pleasant and persistent. Its feel is right in line with what one would expect for a Porter. But the palate is amazing and that’s what makes this an incredible beer. ABV is high for the style, but it’s managed well. Although I’m not sure if anyone would notice with all that heat. And to that point, the chili peppers may be too strong for those unable to handle spicy foods and drinks. But for everyone else, the Mexican Standoff is a spicy treat and an absolute must try.

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About the American Porter

The American Porter is a malty dark brew whose palate is complex and flavorful dark malts and varying hops. Historically, it’s an aggressive variant of the English Porter and Pre-Prohibition American Porters. It’s more assertive than an American Brown Ale but not as strong or bitter as the American Stout.