Luau Krunkles

American IPA Terrapin Beer Co.


Luau Krunkles, an American IPA by Terrapin Beer Co.

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Luau Krunkles is an American IPA brewed by Terrapin Beer Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from a can.


The ale pours a mostly-clear marigold and is topped by a towering stack of puffy off-white foam. The head shows excellent retention and leaves behind a smattering of sticky lace.


The aroma is a sweet scent of orange, guava, and other tropical fruits.


The palate begins a with a taste of cracker malt and sweetens with a juicy blend of tropical fruits. A mild bite of floral hops and grapefruit follows and finishes with a sweet taste of honey and orange juice.


The mouthfeel has a medium body and moderate carbonation. Finishes dryly.


Luau Krunkles doesn’t have as much bite as some IPAs but what it lacks in bitterness it makes up with a superb blend of fruit flavors. It’s just so easy to tilt one back. Unfortunately, it’s only available as part of Terrapin’s IPA Survival Kit, but should you get one, you’ll find that it’s superb in every way.

Recommended Pairings

The brewery recommends the following foods pairings with this IPA: cheeses of white cheddar and gouda or a blacked Mahi-Mahi filet over coconut rice and an arugula salad.

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About the American IPA

The American IPA is the most popular craft beer style in the United States. And for good reason, too. When well crafted, its hoppy goodness delivers intense aromas and flavors that can be citrusy and fruity; floral and piney; earthy and herbal. The hops are complemented by a wide range of malts and other ingredients. It’s a popular playground for brewers to express their creativity and a veritable cornucopia for craft beer connoisseurs.