Lava Lake Wit

Witbier Crazy Mountain Brewing Company


Lava Lake Wit by Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

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Lava Lake Wit is a Belgian-style Witbier brewed by Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the wit was served in a wheat beer glass from a can.


Pours a crystal-clear gold—its clarity unexpected for the style—with nearly an inch-thick head of soapy white foam that persists briefly. A fine lattice of sticky lace clings to the glass.


Floral aroma is faint but pleasant; sweetened by cereal malt and spiced with cinnamon and clove.


Palate blandly blends lemon zest, floral hops, and hints of spice. Malt lends a slight honey sweetness to the base.


Mouthfeel is smooth but thin with a light body and medium-light carbonation.


A palatable brew but not one that can compete with better beers of this style. Appearance is lacking, mouthfeel is watery, aroma is agreeable but faint, and its taste just isn’t particularly flavorful. Pass.

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About the Witbier

The Belgian Witbier dates back four centuries and all but vanished by the 1950s. The style was revived at Hoegaarden and its popularity has grown during the modern craft beer movement. The wheat ale ranges in color from pale straw to gold and has moderate alcohol strength. Its feel is dry and slightly creamy with a medium-light to medium body. Effervescent from high carbonation. Light bready malt with little to no hop bitterness. Bright orange citrus flavor typically spiced with coriander.