Koffee Kölsch

Kölsch Huss Brewing Co.


Koffee Kölsch, a German-style Kölsch by Huss Brewing Co.

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Koffee Kölsch is a German-style Kölsch brewed by Huss Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a pilsener glass from a can.


The Kölsch pours a brilliantly clear pale gold and is topped by an inch-thick cap of dense white foam that shows modest retention. The reduction doesn’t leave behind any lace or residue while streams of bubbles continuously rise in the glass.


The aroma wafts the nose with a scent of coffee beans that are backed by a hint of sweet vanilla.


The palate begins with a flavor of bready malt that transitions to a mild taste of coffee that lends an earthy character. There’s a slight hazelnut sweetness that’s picked up on the swallow.


Its feel is soft, smooth, slightly oily, and it has a finish that’s somewhat dry. Its body is just under medium and it has moderate carbonation.


Its appearance meets the expectations of the style. This brew certainly wouldn’t pass German purity laws, but its use of coffee beans is superb. Besides the fact this brew smells and tastes great, the earthy coffee flavor nicely balances the malt. The feel would be improved if it were crisper, dryer, and have a little more carbonation. Otherwise, the Koffee Kölsch is terrific.

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About the Kölsch

The Kölsch is a top-fermenting lagered beer that originated in Cologne, Germany, in the 19th century to combat the proliferation of bottom-fermented pale lagers. Its color is a pale gold with excellent clarity. Medium-light to medium body that’s well-attenuated with a slightly crisp and dry finish. Malt flavor is bready and often slightly sweet. Traditional German hops lend a floral, spicy or herbal character with a bitterness ranging from low to moderate. The balance between malt and hops can vary widely. Alcohol level is sessionable. Should be consumed fresh.