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Keybilly Island Ale, an American Amber Ale by Brew Hub

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Keybilly Island Ale is an American Amber Ale brewed by Brew Hub, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a tulip pint glass from a can.


Pours a mostly clear copper with a thick cap of off-white foam that offers modest retention. An aggressive pour yields the best result. No lace left on the glass.


Fragrant aroma features sweet lime and a hint of floral hops.


Pale and crystal malts lay down a doughy base that shifts to tart lime juice with a creamy caramel finish. Bitterness is mild but its use of citrus hops is complementary.


Mouthfeel is a tad thin for the style yet crisp and smooth; slightly-less-than-medium body and carbonation.


With its lighter body and fruity taste, the Keybilly Island Ale does seem suitable for the beach or on the boat (as suggested by its label). Although, on the other hand, its feel is a bit flat for that purpose. Regardless, this is a decent brew, but not one that measures up to the better American ambers.

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About the American Amber Ale

The American Amber Ale is similar to the American Pale Ale and American IPA styles but has a more pronounced malt backbone (caramel malt, typically) and it has less bitterness than the similar American Red Ale. The ale is amber in color with moderate alcohol strength. The style typically has a medium body or a bit over with matching carbonation.