Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale

Cream Ale Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling


Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale by Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling

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Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale is brewed by Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling, and for the purpose of this craft beer review, was served in a mug from a bottle.


Pours darker than expected with a color of shiny copper. Ample effervescence appears in the glass. A thick head of off-white foam shows fine retention and leaves a nice lattice of sticky lacing as it recedes. Patches of residue blot the sides of the glass during consumption.


Not surprising when considering the beer’s name, the aroma is strikingly sweet with a scent of vanilla. Just a hint of corn. No hops are present.


The palate begins with a taste of corn and biscuit, sweetened by a hint of vanilla. Transitions to a mild flavor of bourbon and floral hops before finishing with a lingering sweetness of vanilla bean.


Many cream ales have a lighter body but this brew is definitely medium. The feel is slick with moderate carbonation.


Overall, it’s mildly disappointing that the barrel aging process doesn’t add more character to the flavor. Vanilla dominates from nose to taste, but when considering the concept and style, that’s not too surprising. The Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale can almost be considered a dessert beer and should you have a sweet tooth, give this brew a try.

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Ilona Adamiec

This is my favorite beer I have ever had, i have tried many beers, I love the vanilla aftertaste and think “dessert beer” is a good description, I can see how it may not be for everyone but for my personal tastes it is perfect, It truly is the only beer I have ever loved.


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About the Cream Ale

The Cream Ale is typically light and crisp with high carbonation. The style is usually highly attenuated to be more thirst quenching. Its color ranges from straw to gold and its palate is similar to that of an American Lager. The style originated in the 1800s by Ale brewers looking to provide consumers with an offering similar to the Lager.