Honey Orange Tripel

Tripel New Belgium Brewing Company


Honey Orange Tripel, a Belgian-style Tripel by New Belgium Brewing Company

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Honey Orange Tripel is a Belgian-style Tripel brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.


The Tripel pours a nearly opaque golden hue that is topped by a thin layer of bubbly white froth. The head shows little retention and its rapid reduction leaves but a thin collar of bubbles. Ample sediment in suspension is observed in the glass.


The aroma is yeasty with lemon citrus and peppercorn.


Doughy bread leads the palate that transitions to a mild bitterness of orange citrus, spiced with clove and pepper. The bitterness lingers through the finish and is mellowed by sweet candied orange and honey.


Its feel is smooth and its sweetness coats the mouth. Medium-full body with a shade over moderate carbonation. Its finish is dry and warming.


This Tripel’s appearance is disappointing. The aroma is faint but pleasant. The feel could use a little more carbonation but its high alcohol content is managed fairly well. Its palate is initially too sweet for the style but strikes a better balance as the beer warms. Regardless, considering its concept, it works. The Honey Orange Tripel may not inspire you to give up your Westmalle, but it’s still a pretty good brew.

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About the Tripel

The Belgian Tripel originated at the Trappist monastery Westmalle. Its color ranges from deep gold to copper with good clarity and effervescence. Its feel should be around medium with high carbonation and high attenuation for a seemingly dry finish. Though high in alcohol, the booze should be masked well. Its palate and aroma are spicy, fruity, with a well-rounded malt character and moderate bitterness. Comparatively, the Tripel is darker and fuller than the Belgian Strong Pale Ale with more pronounced phenols than esters. And it’s not as strong or full as the Belgian Strong Dark Ale or Quadrupel.