Ginger Lager

American Lager Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.Surly Brewing Co.


Ginger Lager, an American Lager collaboratively brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Surly Brewing Co.

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Ginger Lager is an American Lager that’s collaboratively brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Surly Brewing Co. as part of the collection for the Beer Camp Across the World. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a nonic pint glass from a can.


The lager pours a mostly-clear golden hue with an inch-thick, puffy white head that offers modest retention. Droplets of lace cling to the glass.


Ginger dominates the nose, backed by a hint of cayenne pepper.


The taste begins rather neutral (as many lagers do) from a trio of malts and a single hops varietal. But the palate shifts abruptly to a kick of ginger and cayenne. Finishes dryly with the heat from the cayenne lingering on the back of the tongue. The palate is rounded out with a touch of woody oak, added during fermentation.


Mouthfeel has a bit more heft and a little less carbonation than what’s usually expected.


Many mass-produced lagers are flavorless bores but this Ginger Lager is a real delight. A little higher carbonation in the feel would be preferable, but otherwise, this lager is near perfect.

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About the American Lager

The American Lager is light in color and feel. It should have high carbonation and served very cold to be as refreshing as possible. Its palate is neutral with a mild bitterness. Historically, the few breweries that survived Prohibition popularized the style with heavy distribution and promotion to a very broad national audience.