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Kölsch Civil Society Brewing Co.Coppertail Brewing Co.


Fully Manual, a German-style Kölsch collaboratively brewed by Civil Society Brewing Co. and Coppertail Brewing Co.

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Fully Manual is a German-style Kölsch that’s collaboratively brewed by Civil Society Brewing Co. and Coppertail Brewing Co. For the purposes of this review, the lager was served in a pilsener glass from can.


Pours a crystal-clear gold with capped by a thick cap of bubbly white foam that shows good retention for the style. Small patches of residue cling to the glass while effervescence is visibly apparent.


The aroma is faint but pleasant and features a scent of sweet grain and a hint of grassy hops.


The palate begins with soft wheat malt, a taste of pear, and crests towards a finish of spicy, peppery hops. Sweet honeycomb appears in the base. ABV is a little high for the style but neither impacts aroma or flavor.


Mouthfeel is dry with a light body and has a smooth draw with slightly less-than-moderate carbonation.


The appearance is excellent. Aroma is slight but appropriate for the style. Flavor is superb and well balanced. Feel is light, and could possibly benefit from a little more carbonation. But that’s nitpicking. Civil Society and Coppertail have paired up to make up a lovely Kölsch. One that’s refreshing and supremely enjoyable, Fully Manual is a brew that’s well worth trying.

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About the Kölsch

The Kölsch is a top-fermenting lagered beer that originated in Cologne, Germany, in the 19th century to combat the proliferation of bottom-fermented pale lagers. Its color is a pale gold with excellent clarity. Medium-light to medium body that’s well-attenuated with a slightly crisp and dry finish. Malt flavor is bready and often slightly sweet. Traditional German hops lend a floral, spicy or herbal character with a bitterness ranging from low to moderate. The balance between malt and hops can vary widely. Alcohol level is sessionable. Should be consumed fresh.