Founders Rubaeus

Fruit Beer Founders Brewing Co.


Founders Rubaeus, a Fruit Beer by Founders Brewing Co.

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Founders Rubaeus is a Fruit Beer brewed by Founders Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, was served in a tulip pint glass from a bottle.


Pours a mostly-opaque ruby red with a finger-thick cap of white foam that persists briefly. A small amount of residue gathers at the collar. Fine bubbles rise in the glass.


The label describes the brew as a raspberry ale and that’s immediately apparent in the nose. That aroma is dominated by the aforementioned fruit and blended with a scent of wheat and cane sugar.


Taste follows much the same with a flavor of tart berry, a squeeze of lemon and tied together with bready wheat malt. Bitterness is subdued but a mild sourness rounds out the palate nicely. The taste of raspberry lingers on the tongue through the finish.


The beer has a fizzy feel and its medium body has ample carbonation. Sits well on the tongue.


Founders Rubaeus is a nice beer but its fruit flavor will likely to be too sweet for some. Give it a try if you have a sweet tooth or just looking for a change of pace. If nothing else, this beer is really refreshing and easily quaffed.

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