Dragons & YumYums

American Pale Ale Dogfish Head Craft Brewery


Dragons & YumYums, an American Pale Ale by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

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Dragons & YumYums is an American Pale Ale brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a shaker pint glass from a bottle.

Packaging art for the Dragons & YumYums by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Packaging art for the Dragons & YumYums by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery


This Pale Ale pours a crystal-clear rosy copper and is topped by an inch-thick cap of dense pale pink foam that shows excellent retention. The head’s reduction leaves a fine lattice of sticky lace clinging to the sides of the glass. The ale’s effervescence is visibly apparent as fine bubbles continuously stream upward.


The aroma wafts a scent of pine and then tropical fruit as the beer warms.


Bready malt leads the palate that quickly transitions to a tropical fruit medley that’s both sweet and tart. The label describes the beer as having dragonfruit, yumberry, passionfruit, pear juice and black carrot juice, but it’s not easy to pick out those individual flavors. Personally, I picked up the passionfruit, pear, and a hint of carrot. Regardless, any of the fruity sweetness is countered by tart and hints of hoppy pine and resin.


Its feel is smooth with a medium-light body and a shade over moderate carbonation that becomes slightly prickly on the backend. Its finish is lightly dry and mildly astringent.

Label art for the Dragons & YumYums by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Label art for the Dragons & YumYums by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery


Sure, its pink color is outside the norm for a Pale, but just the same, this brew looks amazing in the glass. Its aroma isn’t particularly strong but it is pleasant. The palate is really quite fruity but there’s a nice balance of bitter and tart at the finish to keep the brew from being too sweet. Its ABV is high for the style but is concealed nicely.

It’s crisp, tart, and effervescent for a brew that’s oh so refreshing and easily quaffed. While this brew really stretches the boundaries of what’s considered an American Pale Ale, Dragons & YumYums is a thoroughly enjoyable beer. Definitely worth a try.

Watch the Video

Check out the video from Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione as he talks about the Dragons & YumYums Pale Ale and the collaboration between the brewery and the American rock band The Flaming Lips.

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About the American Pale Ale

The American Pale Ale is a hop-forward brew that has less alcohol strength, is less bitter and is more approachable than the American IPA. Its clean and balanced palate makes use of New World or American hop varietals. Prior to the explosion of the American IPA, the American Pale Ale was the most popular craft beer style in the United States.