Double Mt Massive IPA

American Double IPA 14er Brewing Company


Double Mt Massive IPA is an American Double IPA brewed by 14er Brewing Company

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Double Mt Massive IPA is an American Double IPA brewed by 14er Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from a can.


The unfiltered brew pours a mostly cloudy brassy orange and is topped by a mountainous cap of soapy white foam that shows fine retention. As the head reduces it leaves a smattering of sticky lace. A constant stream of fine bubbles continues to rise in the glass.


The aroma is surprisingly yeasty with a scent that’s barnyard and wet grass. Floral and citrus hops also appear in the background.


Its hop-forward palate begins with a mild bite of citrus and transitions to a bitter hopping that’s floral and peppery. The tasting finishes with that surprise of yeasty funk before it sours slightly from a squeeze of lemon.

Once the beer loses its chill a taste of doughy bread and tropical fruit juices appear in its base. Those juices become syrupy during the session and stick to the back of the throat.

A relatively high ABV is masked well.


The feel is very dry with a medium body and moderate carbonation.


The Double Mt Massive IPA is appropriately named as it really packs this brew with a massive amount of flavor. Its palate is hoppy, complex, and features a yeasty funk that’s reminiscent of a Belgian IPA. This is a DIPA that’s sure to please hopheads and connoisseurs alike.

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About the American Double IPA

Also known as an Imperial IPA, the American Double IPA is a stronger and higher hopped version of the American IPA. The style originated in the 1990s when craft breweries wanted to provide a more intense offering to hopheads. The DIPA has more hop bitterness than Strong Ales and Barleywines but has less alcohol.