American Double IPA Founders Brewing Co.


Doom, an American Double IPA by Founders Brewing Co.

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Doom is an American Double IPA that’s barrel-aged and brewed by Founders Brewing Co., and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.


Doom pours a clear copper with nearly an inch-thick head of bone white foam that offers modest retention.


The aroma is a pleasant mix of coconut, pineapple, warming alcohol, and vanilla beans.


The palate is mostly bitter from hop resin, and as it was aged in oak, also tastes of earthy woods. That it was aged in bourbon barrels, a vanilla sweetness adds to its malty base. Finishes with a bite of herbal hops, cedar, and warming alcohol. Caramel malt ties the palate together.


Smooth mouthfeel is nearly full bodied with less-than-moderate carbonation.


Doom is nicely complex but its bitterness is a bit harsh. The brew is still enjoyable and it’s likely the taste improves as the beer mellows with age. If you’re a fan of barrel-aged brews, give it a try. Or if you have the patience, place one in the back of the fridge to be enjoyed at a later date. Otherwise, considering its lofty price point, this one might be passed upon.

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About the American Double IPA

Also known as an Imperial IPA, the American Double IPA is a stronger and higher hopped version of the American IPA. The style originated in the 1990s when craft breweries wanted to provide a more intense offering to hopheads. The DIPA has more hop bitterness than Strong Ales and Barleywines but has less alcohol.