Dead Ringer Oktoberfest

Märzen Ballast Point Brewing Company


Dead Ringer Oktoberfest brewed by Ballast Point Brewing Company.

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Dead Ringer Oktoberfest is a German-style Märzen Lager brewed by Ballast Point Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a mug from a bottle.


Pours a clear, dark amber with an inch-thick head of cream-colored foam that unfortunately has poor retention. As the head collapses around the edges of the glass, it leaves a smattering of residue.


Aroma is slight but pleasant with a scent of floral hops, toffee, and nut.


Taste exhibits moderate bitterness with notes of floral and herbal hops that transitions to a flavor best described as lemon tea. Finishes somewhat dry with a semisweet flavor of butterscotch. An underlying malt taste of toasty bread ties the palate together.


Mouthfeel is crisp with its medium body and ample carbonation. Perhaps a little too peppy in its feel.


The appearance and feel are slightly askew but this is otherwise a fine representation of an Oktoberfest brew. Palate leans towards the hoppy side at first but the malt becomes more prominent as the beer warms. Regardless, it’s certainly an easy drinker that’s certain to please most tastes.

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About the Märzen

An elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that encourages another drink. The overall malt impression is soft, elegant, and complex, with a rich aftertaste that is never cloying or heavy. From the Beer Judge Certification Program
2015 Style Guidelines