Captain Kidd’s Kölsch

Kölsch Pirate Republic Brewing Company


Captain Kidd's Kölsch, a German-style Kölsch by Pirate Republic Brewing Company

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Captain Kidd’s Kölsch is a German-style Kölsch brewed by Pirate Republic Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this review, the ale was served in a pilsener glass from a can.


The Kölsch pours a crystal-clear yellow gold and is topped by a finger-thick cap of bubbly white froth that dissipates rapidly. The reduction doesn’t leave behind any lace or residue on the glass.


The aroma is initially non-existent but offers a slight scent of sweet grain as the beer warms.


Taste begins with a light cracker malt that transitions quickly to a pronounced bite of spicy and floral hops. Finishes with a lingering bite of lemon juice and spicy hop flavor. A subtle honey flavored base ties the palate together.


Mouthfeel is crisp and smooth with a medium-light body and ample carbonation.


This is a brew of hits and misses. Its appearance is fine. The aroma is typically slight for the style but is practically non-existent in this brew. Excellent mouthfeel is really nice on the tongue. Lastly, in spite of a low IBU count, a hop-dominated palate defies the expected balance and the resulting taste is more like a pilsener.

All that being said, this is still a refreshing brew, and should you happen to be in Nassau, Captain Kidd’s Kölsch is a welcome respite from the tropical heat.

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About the Kölsch

The Kölsch is a top-fermenting lagered beer that originated in Cologne, Germany, in the 19th century to combat the proliferation of bottom-fermented pale lagers. Its color is a pale gold with excellent clarity. Medium-light to medium body that’s well-attenuated with a slightly crisp and dry finish. Malt flavor is bready and often slightly sweet. Traditional German hops lend a floral, spicy or herbal character with a bitterness ranging from low to moderate. The balance between malt and hops can vary widely. Alcohol level is sessionable. Should be consumed fresh.