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Beerito is a Vienna Lager brewed by Oskar Blues Brewery

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Beerito is a Vienna Lager brewed by Oskar Blues Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a mug from a can.


The pour is a deep amber making it a little darker than expected. The lager is clear and capped by a thick, cream-colored pad of foam. As the head reduces slowly it leaves behind some nice patches of sticky lacing.


The aroma is slight and offers a scent that’s standard fare for Vienna Lager. It’s a pleasant mix of caramel malt, and to a lesser extent, floral hops.


The tasting opens with a mild bite of noble hops before it touches upon its intended Mexican theme. The palate shifts to a sweet finish of dark fruit with a hint of chocolate.


The feel is smooth with a medium-light body and moderate carbonation.


The Beerito brings a lot of flavor out of a beer that only has 4% ABV but its taste is closer to its Austrian roots rather than its intended Mexican concept. Regardless, Oskar Blues has crafted a lager that’s refreshing and easy to drink.

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About the Vienna Lager

The Vienna Lager was first crafted by Anton Dreher in the city for which its named back in 1841. The style became popular in Mexico in the latter half of that century and its tradition has carried on through the modern craft beer era. Its color ranges from copper to amber with excellent clarity. Its feel is medium-light to medium, slightly creamy with moderate carbonation. Its alcohol strength is moderate. Its aroma and palate are predominantly malty with toasted bread and perhaps a light floral or spicy hopping. The style is lighter in feel and strength than the Märzen but is more bitter. Has less malt and is less hoppy than the Czech Amber Lager.