Be Mine

Quadrupel Barrel of Monks Brewing


Be Mine, a Belgian-style Quadrupel by Barrel of Monks Brewing

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Be Mine is a Belgian-style Quadrupel brewed by Barrel of Monks Brewing, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.


The ale pours a cloudy chestnut brown that glows a garnet hue at the sides of the glass. An inch-thick cap of dense tan-colored foam persists briefly. A thin ring of fine bubbles gathers around the glass.


The aroma is initially bright with a scent of tart cherry. Hints of cocoa, nut, and grain begin to appear shortly thereafter. Drying booze also appears as the beer warms.


Dark fruits of raisin and prune meet dark chocolate and rise to a balancing finish of tart cherries and alcohol. More dark fruit rounds out the finish.


The feel is dry and lively with a medium-full body and high carbonation. The draw is smooth, becoming slightly prickly on the backend.


Its aroma is complex and shifting. The feel is spot on. The palate is rich and dark sweetness is balanced superbly with the tart cherries and alcohol. Its high ABV is managed quite well. Its appearance could be better but that’s nitpicking. Be Mine is decadent, delicious, and just so easy to drink. It’s the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day or at any other time during the winter.

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About the Quadrupel

The Belgian Quadrupel or simply Quad is a name given to the strongest of the Trappist and Abbey ales. La Trappe pioneered the Quad while a nearly identical brew, the Abt, was crafted by Westvleteren and that beer would become St. Bernardus. Its color ranges from a garnet to brown and its aroma and palate are rich with sweet malt, fruity esters, and moderately spicy phenols. Its bitterness is typically mild at best and instead, the focus is on its malt character and strong alcohol. Comparatively, the Quadrupel is stronger and more intensely flavored than the Dubbel and Tripel.