Baby Giraffe

Session IPA Civil Society Brewing Co.Marble Brewery


Baby Giraffe, a Session IPA collaboratively brewed by Civil Society Brewing Co. and Marble Brewery

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Baby Giraffe is a Session IPA collaboratively brewed in the New England style by Civil Society Brewing Co. and Marble Brewery. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from a can.


This hazy IPA pours an opaque pale gold that resembles white grapefruit juice. It’s topped by a thick cap of loose, bubbly white foam that shows modest retention. A soapy collar rounds the glass following the reduction.


The aroma is quite strong with a scent of dank resin. But nearly vanishes entirely not long after the pour.


The palate begins with a taste of doughy bready and finishes with bitter flavors of dank resin, white grapefruit, and lemon. There’s a mellow hint of pineapple that’s picked up on the swallow.


Its feel is smooth with a slight chew. Medium body and moderate carbonation that finishes mildly dry and astringent.


Baby Giraffe is a fine example of a Session IPA. The aroma lacks persistence but it is pleasant. Delivers plenty of hops flavor as expected, but often misses by other breweries, there’s also a nice malt backbone for balance. This brew is really easy to tilt back and is an ideal candidate for to enjoy on an afternoon in the sun.

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About the Session IPA

The Session IPA is sub-style of the American IPA and received an official designation in 2010 in response to the growing trend of hoppier, low alcohol beers being brewed. This IPA retains the high bitterness of the standard IPA but has lower alcohol levels to make the brew “sessionable”. Even so, its strength can approach moderate levels. The Session IPA is less balanced than the American Pale Ale with higher attenuation and greater astringency.