Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale

English Strong Ale Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.Fuller Smith & Turner PLC


Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale collaboratively brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Fullers Brewery.

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Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale is an English Strong Ale that’s collaboratively brewed by American icon Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and English powerhouse Fuller’s Brewery (Fuller Smith & Turner PLC). For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a nonic pint glass from a bottle.


Pours a mostly-clear rust red with a finger-thick cap of cream-colored foam that exhibits fine retention. Residue gathers at the collar and a smattering of lace clings to the glass as the head reduces.


The use of plum in the brew gives the aroma a sweet scent of dark fruit. Malt lends caramel and a high ABV adds a hint of alcohol.


A mix of ingredients yields a tangy taste that’s sweet and bitter all at once. Plums and Hoppy notes are floral and earthy derived from Magnum, Centennial and Loral hops. A pair of malts balances the palate with toasted bread and toffee. Taste of booze appears in the finish. It’s warming but not overpowering. All appropriate for the style.


Mouthfeel is smooth and a bit chewy with its medium body and moderate carbonation.


This brew has a nicely balanced palate that’s easily quaffed, in spite of its relatively high ABV. The use of dark fruit is a nice touch and complements this age-old style well. Part of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across the World, Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale is another solid entry to the collection.

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About the English Strong Ale

The English Strong Ale is traditionally bottled-conditioned and cellared. Most are rich in malt with late hops for bitterness, fruity esters, and warmth from moderate to high alcohol. Medium to full body with a chewy feel. Its color ranges from deep gold to dark brown with most being darker. Its malty backbone has flavors of caramel, toffee, and nut. Occasionally, a touch of chocolate. Esters provide dried and dark fruit flavors. The English Strong Ale sits in the space Strong Bitters, Brown Ales, and Porters but not as strong as the Barleywine.