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Apostate, a Belgian IPA collaboratively brewed by Due South Brewing Co. and Barrel Of Monks Brewing

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Apostate is a Belgian IPA collaboratively brewed by Due South Brewing Co. and Barrel of Monks Brewing. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a tulip glass from a can.


The IPA pours a hazy rust color and is topped by a thick cap of soapy off-white foam. The head stands tall—almost interminably—before its slow reduction leaves behind small patches of lacing.


The aroma is faint and consists of piney and herbal hops backed by bready malt.


The aroma is slight but a punch of piney hops kicks off the flavor. Its hoppy bite is backed by bready malt and funky Belgian yeast.


The feel is relatively smooth with a medium body and less-than-moderate carbonation.


This Belgian IPA presents well but the aroma could be stronger and its feel could use more pep. Hops are the star of this brew but there is a nice balancing malt presence. The Apostate isn’t perfect, but it’s an enjoyable brew nonetheless.

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About the Belgian IPA

The Belgian IPA is a hybrid of the IPA and Belgian Ales. Its history is brief, having originated at the start of the new millennium. American brewers typically substitute a Belgian yeast strain for the standard ale yeast while Belgian brewers increase the hops bill of their Tripel and Pale Ale recipes. Its color ranges from pale gold to amber and its clarity is fair to hazy. Depending on the hops used, its aroma and palate can vary widely with tropical, stone, citrus, floral, grassy, or spicy bite. Fruity esters are moderate to high and typically impart notes of banana, pear, and apple. Light phenols may also be present to add some spice. Its feel has a medium body with moderate to high carbonation. The Belgian IPA is usually stronger than the standard IPA and some warming may be present. Comparatively, what differentiates the Belgian IPA from the American IPA is its spiciness and fruitiness while being stronger and drier.