Sand City Brewing Waste Prompts New Regulations

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Sand City Brewing was the first brewery to open in the town of Northport, New York, back in 2015. And since that time the waste produced by the brewery has prompted the town zoning board to propose new regulations on the establishment and operation of breweries.

According to an article in Newsday, the zoning board held a public hearing to get feedback on adding a chapter to the zoning code with specific rules for breweries. Such rules would be the first for breweries on Long Island.

The yeast-filled waste produced by the brewery gives off noxious odors and fumes and also places a lot of stress on the town’s sewer system. It’s changed the breakdown of human waste in the water plant, making that process more expensive.

“We’re not looking to hurt any businesses, we’re looking to protect the taxpayers,” Mayor Damon McMullen said.

The new law would require breweries to install an equalization tank that will reduce the impact of its waste production. Additionally, they will have to pay a surcharge to cover the expense of solid and liquid waste disposal. The law would also give the town the right to inspect the treatment facilities to test waste samples in order to prevent excess waste.

The brewery will also be required to keep its tasting and retail indoors and ensure that the noxious fumes and odors won’t escape its premises.

The zoning board members worked with officials and engineers from other communities to draft the regulations. Trustee Ian Milligan said that breweries would also benefit since the proposed regulations would also help them with current zoning restrictions.

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