Russian River Helps Rebuild Homes Destroyed By Fire

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Thanks to the generosity of beer drinkers at the Russian River Brewing Company and local area bicyclists, displaced residents of the Journey’s End mobile home park will receive new homes.

Journey’s End mobile home park after the Tubbs Fire

Journey’s End mobile home park after the Tubbs Fire

The Tubbs Fire was the most destructive fire in California history and burned over 36,000 acres in parts of Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties. The firestorm ravaged Journey’s End and destroyed three-quarters of its mobile homes. And even the 44 coaches that were still standing were uninhabitable because of its lack of utilities.

For the past 60 years, the mobile home park had been home to persons with low-income and senior citizens. And while the future is still uncertain for some, several residents will now get to move into brand new mobile homes.

Russian River Brewing and the King Ridge River Foundation, founded by former competitive cyclist Levi Leipheimer, teamed together to raise $1.1 million through their Sonoma Pride fire relief campaign.

Russian River co-owner Natalie Cilurzo said this was “truly the most rewarding fundraising effort of her life”. The initiative has provided assistance for nearly 700 families and donated new bikes to 300 children.

And the regional Council of Aging will purchase five manufactured homes thanks to a $400,000 gift from the Sonoma Pride campaign. The council’s chief, Marianna McBride, said the new residents won’t be out more than $100 a month.

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