CraftHaus Brewery Gets Cease & Desist From Jean Claude Van Damme

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The Muscles From Brussels took action against a craft brewery in Nevada. But not with his kicks or punches but instead the martial arts actor chose to lawyer up. CraftHaus Brewery was served a cease and desist from Jean Claude Van Damme’s attorney in Belgium. The brewery had annually produced a Belgian-style Strong Pale Ale named “Jean Claude” since 2014 but will now be giving the beer a new name.

Beginning next year, the Belgian Pale will be known as “Not That Jean Claude”. The beer got its former name from a van the brewers of CraftHaus used to drive around the country visiting different breweries. However, the vehicle was notorious for breaking often, and was jokingly referred to as that “Jean Claude Damn Van”.

The beer has grown in popularity with each annual release but CraftHaus has complied with the demands from Van Damme’s attorney, including the removal of its logo from social media.

In an article on, CraftHaus Brewery co-owner Wyndee Forrest said “I’m actually flattered that our beer has the attention of Jean Claude Van Damme’s attorney and wish JCVD himself could enjoy a glass of this beautiful beer. I understand his attorney needs to protect his image.”

The newly-named “Not That Jean Claude” will be made available again in 2019.

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