About the Eisbock

The Eisbock (pronounced ICE-bock) originates from Kulmbach, Germany, and is essentially a Doppelbock that’s been frozen and then deiced to concentrate its alcohol and flavor. Its color ranges from copper to dark brown and its lagering should provide good clarity. Its feel is smooth, full-bodied with low carbonation and its high alcohol should be somewhat drying, warming, but not hot. Its aroma is balanced between rich malt and booze with dark fruit esters. The palate is malty and can be toasty or even burnt. Some sweetness of caramel or chocolate may be present along with enough hop bitterness to offset the sticky malt. Its finish should be malty and boozy but should neither be harsh or cloying. Comparatively, the Eisbock style is stronger than the Doppelbock but not as thick or sweet as a Wheatwine.